5 Tips To Find A Serious Relationship Online

taking chancesTaking Chances

How having casual sex can help you find a serious relationship

If finding a serious relationship is what you want, you might be surprised to receive this dating tip. Instead of focusing all your energy on finding the perfect lover, start enjoying yourself sexually. Having casual sex can help you become a happier person, and when you are happy you tend to attract happy people. Having casual sex will help you relax and start to live in the moment. If you want a serious relationship, putting too much effort into finding one can backfire on you. Most people only find true love when they least expect it. By having casual sex with a partner, you will start feeling more comfortable with yourself, more confident, and more likely to go out when invited. Waiting around at home for true love to come knocking is very unlikely and extremely sad. If you want something, you need to earn it, and what better way to earn it then by being happy?

Going on a lot of online dates

Looking for a serious relationship is a lot harder than looking for a fling or quick hookup. When you start using online dating site to find your dates, you might want to stop telling people you’re looking for a serious relationship and start letting things just happen naturally. In order to meet a lot of different people you need to start taking chances, and by taking chances I mean going out on as many dates as possible. If you go on a lot of online dates, you will raise your chances of meeting the right person. The more dates you go on, the more you will begin to understand what it is you really want out of a relationship.

How taking chances can help you find love online

Finding love online is all about taking chances and meeting people who you would usually overlook. Since goodlooks are usually overrated in a lover, it is important to take chances and try out different types of people. Have you ever been on an online dating site and received a really nice message from an okay-looking person? If you have you probably didn’t respond to them because they weren’t your type. If you want to find love online, you need to trust your gut and go out with someone you are more mentally attracted to than physically. A lot of the time, you will end up being pleasantly surprised and attracted to your date even though you wouldn’t be.

Don’t settle for someone you’re unsure about

The number one rule of finding real love is never settling. When you settle for someone because you’re tired of being alone, you rob someone of their perfect person. Just because you’re lonely doesn’t justify you using someone you know you’re going to break up with to feel better about yourself. Don’t settle for someone you’re unsure about because then you’ll always wonder what if. Settling for someone is like putting on a bandaid to cover up a scar, the scar won’t fade and eventually you’re going to have to pull off the bandaid. So save yourself, and your partner the trouble and don’t settle for someone you’re unsure about. Being alone is better than being in a relationship with someone you don’t really care about. Besides, if all you want to do is have sex, get a casual sex buddy and keep you options open.

How having mutual interests can help you build a strong relationship

Instead of basing your next date on whether or not someone is good looking or not, try basing it off of your mutual interests. When you have mutual interests with someone, planning dates, hanging out, and just being together is a lot more fun. Mutual interests can help you build a strong and profound relationship with someone and it can make you start to enjoy dating again. After going on dozens of dates, going out for supper and drinks starts to become very boring. But imagine meeting someone who likes doing the same events you do, and going on a mutual interest oriented date. So let’s say you both extreme sports, you can go rock climbing together or even do something crazy like bungee jumping. Or if you both love reading, you can visit some antique bookstores and then grab a coffee. Having mutual interests will help you get along more quickly, and will allow you to have more fun together.

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