The Top 3 Tips to Making A Perfect Profile

relationship tipsThe Perfect Online Dating Profile

When I first started to use the internet for social connections, I had a hard time finding the right words to describe myself in my online profile – especially when it came to dating sites. I’ve always found that writing about myself is challenging, but on the web there is a whole other level of judgement because of the exposure. It alway seems like what I am trying to say sounds cheesy, or that it’s not true to who I actually am. Whenever I try and describe myself accurately online, things would come out the wrong way. I wanted to attract women, and I wanted to make my personality sexy, but I had to learn the tools first.

As you can imagine, things amplified when it came to my dating profile. I would never feel comfortable with what I had written, always super embarrassed, thinking my online profile was so bad. That is not a charming trait, let me tell you. Especially since I am a confident guy in person, someone always enthusiastic and hardworking, very personable). I would change my description every week, going from short and sweet to lengthy and overly descriptive. It was a real confusing period as I got used to reading about myself and figure out how to attract women and make my personality sexy on some of the best dating sites.

Slowly I figured out what was working, and what was not. I’ve put together the top 5 things that worked for me over the years, and I hope they can help you too.

Make My Personality Sexy

The first mistake I made was to write too little! I answered all the questions in the signup process, and then put just a couple of sentences in the description to leave just a little taste. Looking back on that now I think I must have came across as boring or just not interested in myself, not confident or proud of myself.

The second mistake I made was then to say too much. I compensated for saying too little by going into detail about myself! Looking back on that now, I must have come across as a guy who was nervous, anxious, and so hung up on himself he could not make the mental space for another person – especially not a random hookup, which is what I wanted.

I had written about 500 words on who I was. That’s about 250 words too many! Now I keep it very much to the point, and I let the images do all the work. I state who I am, and some of my personality traits, before just leaving it at: “I want some excitement, so let’s see what you got!” – or something to that effect. As soon as I changed my description to that, the ladies came knockin. I realized that you have to give just enough of yourself to peak their interest, without laying everything out so that they know who you are already. Some sites are better at allowing you to be straight to the point than others. I like OkCupid because it’s free and quick to sign-up, but there’s a whole bunch out there.

How To Attract Women

My favorite profiles to read are the ones where it really feels like the person is leaving a bit of themselves on the page. Anything that is dry and too the point I find annoying, and certainly good to avoid if I want to be challenged and have a wild exciting time. Someone who can’t take control of their dating profile is probably not doing so well in their life otherwise. At least that’s what I’ve found.

Anyways, put a joke in there or something to show-off your quirkiness. Remember, it’s not a resume for a job – it’s to show the world that you are sexy and interested! How do you do that? Aside from jokes, make consistent reference to where you succeed in life, or what you do that really brings you pleasure. The more exciting those things are, the better. I would also recommend changing your description about once a month, because other members will realize if you have gone a bit stale on free hookup sites.

Online Hookup Profile

Even if you put down that you are looking for a relationship, leave a bit of mystery. In the same way that you want to go out there and respond to someone that challenges you, you have to challenge the people that view your profile. Don’t sit back and expect the images to do all the work. Insist that your up for anything, and just soooo ready for an adventure.

The real challenge to hooking up is in the communication after the initial attraction. I’d say I actually go on a date with about 20% of the ladies I message online – and that’s probably above average. When it comes to the message boards it’s pretty similar to the description. Don’t go into super amounts of detail, and realize that it takes confidence in yourself and the ability to sell yourself as a mystery that will help you get a date. There’s no formula here, just common sense and smarts. Chances are that she will already want to meet you, so just play it cool and let her make some of the initial moves.

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