Love Without Sex: Is It Possible & Can It Last?

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Why people prefer having sex with casual partners

Now that the world has begun to catch on to online dating, more and more people are choosing to have casual partners over serious relationships. A lot of people have decided to stop searching for amazing love, and start searching for amazing sex instead. Casual partners are now the new, and modern way to engage in a relationship. The reason behind this is that many people prefer to have good sex with no relationship, over having no sex with a good relationship. Many relationships start off with amazing sex, but as time goes on the sex begins to evaporate, and sexual needs get tossed aside. Couples get lazy, too comfortable and eventually stop getting turned on by each other — but the love is still there. According to many people, having the best of both worlds is highly unlikely, and all relationships eventually become sexless.

Why not having good sex can lead to your partner cheating

When you become too comfortable in your relationship, you might start to neglect your sexual partner’s needs. You might not think this is a big deal, but it can seriously affect your partner’s mind. Your lover might begin to find themselves attractive, which can lead them to cheat on you. Cheating on someone is never justifiable, but one could understand how someone might feel if their relationship suddenly turned sexless. Just because you know your partner loves you, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing everything in your power to keep them happy, satisfied, and present in your life. If you keep denying your partner sex, and don’t want to have an active sex life anymore, you shouldn’t really be surprised if you partner starts cheating. Sure, they could have told you or broken up with you first, but it might have happened so quickly that they couldn’t help themselves.

Why your sexual needs are important

When you are in a serious relationship, you need to remember how important your sexual needs are. If you neglect your sexual needs for long enough, you can start having some emotional problems, and your relationship can start to crumble. If you and your lover stop taking care of each other’s sexual needs, it’s only a matter of time before your relationship will meet its end. Sexual needs are important because they tie in with your confidence, self worth and expectations. If your partner stops want to have sex with you, you will start feeling ugly and unattractive. If your partner stops wanting to be intimate with you, you’ll start to grow hungry for affection. Being neglected sexually will make you feel depressed, this is why it is so important to be with someone who never stops wanting to sleep with you.

Are you friends or lovers?

Loving someone and being in love with someone are two completely different things. Many couples end up dating their best friends without even knowing it, and it’s something that happens over time. When you first start dating someone, it’s normal to have sex like there’s no tomorrow, but after a couple of years, having sex with your partner can start happening less and less. Sure, you’re still as happy as ever, but deep down you know you’re lacking a little bit of romance. Because some people love each other so much, they can end up being together for ever, but not having had sex for decades. In cases like these, the couple has decided to toss aside sex and live out the rest of their days as best friends. Although this might be alright with an older couple, a younger couple might start having their doubts about their relationship and choose to split up.

The truth behind a healthy relationship

A healthy relationship is something that is hard to come by. In fact, many people might think they are in a healthy relationship and turn out to be horribly wrong. A healthy relationship is when you are at your complete and utter best while dating someone else who is at their best as well. If you’re dating someone who doesn’t encourage you, push you, love you, and motivate you, you aren’t really in a healthy relationship. If you meet someone who motivates you to become a better person, you really shouldn’t take it for granted. A lot of relationships ends up messing with people’s heads and breaking their hearts, but a healthy relationship will never leave you out in the cold, or call you names when something doesn’t go its way. There are many different types of relationships; healthy, happy, needy, angry, etc. But not many people can openly admit to being 100 percent happy in their relationship — unless sex and love are in complete balance.

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