Friends craze persists even today

Comedy Show Friends

Do you remember that show about 6 friends and that cozy coffee place called ‘Central Perk‘? It’s hard to forget this brilliant series that was once a rage in the 90s right into the millennium. ‘Friends‘ was possibly one of the most popular comedy sitcom in American television. Soon it became a worldwide phenomenon. The theme of friendship is so universal that the producers struck gold with this show. Even after the show ended in 2004, there was a huge fanaticism that still existed afterwards. Some wanted the show to be turned into a movie like Sex and the City. Sadly, nothing like that ever materialized. There was another show that was a branched out ‘Friends‘ which was called ‘Joey‘. But that did not last longer than a complete season. It was not as good or as impactful as the original series. In fact, after the first seasons there was not much to story and most people just wanted to relive the beloved character of ‘Friends’, Joey.

Fans today still want that show to come up with the a 12th season. It is difficult to imagine our lives without ‘Friends’. Whether it was Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica or Phoebe everyone related to some character or the other. It was also popular because watching the show also made one feel like he or she too were part of the circle of friends. One of the reasons why the series had to end is because it was becoming extremely difficult to maintain production cost. Each actor was getting paid $ 1 million per episode. Let’s face it, it is a great big amount and producers thought it was time to end the show.

A lot of fans thought the ending was a bit forced especially the one with Ross, Rachel and Joey. Part of the audience still believed that Rachel would end up with Joey instead of Ross. And even the part about Monica and Chandler moving out into the suburbs. As much as everyone loved the happy ending, fans still wanted more. Even today there are various websites and clubs which want the show to come back in some form or the other. It is crazy how much fan fiction exists on this show with alternate endings and story plot line. These are all signs that even though it has been almost a decade since the show went off air, the magic still persists.

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