Men vs. Women: What Do They Consider Cheating?

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Having A Married Fling In Cardiff: Is It Cheating If She Never Finds Out?

Many people have married flings and get away with it without their partners ever being the wiser. This sadly happens all the time and probably won’t be changing anytime soon. Men and women obviously have different views when it comes to cheating, but men have been known to be a lot looser with the term. In fact, many men have admitted to having had a married fling at some point in their lives, but since they were never caught they have stopped considering it as cheating. When it comes to men and women having married flings, what their partners don’t know can’t hurt them. This ugly truth has made a lot of couples doubt each other over the years, but without any proof — is it really considered cheating? With this in mind, every single happy marriage you see could be a complete lie, but would still be considered a happy marriage because the cheater’s married fling would never get exposed.

What Cheating Means For Men

Although cheating means something different to each and every individual, we’re going to group it up by sexes. Throughout the years, there has been many stories about men loosely using the term cheating, some even use it to their benefit and believe that cheating is only committed when intercouse has happened. Some men do not consider making out, receiving blowjobs or pleasuring other women as cheating, and so never come clean to their partners. Cheating is a broad term that many different acts can fit into, it all depends on the cheater’s point of view, however, there is also a double standard when it comes to women cheating on their husbands, which has proved to be less than fair. In most cases, if a woman even looked at a man in a lustful way she would be accused of cheating but things are now changing as technology advances. Now that online dating websites have been introduced into your society and made easily accessible, more and more people are choosing to cheat on each other. There are even entire websites dedicated to cheating spouses that swear to protect their client’s identities.

What Cheating Means For Women

Women are usually a lot more strict when it comes to cheating, and they believe that everything their partners do can be traced back to cheating. Some women might even find it appalling to find out that their partner’s watch porn in secret, even though it isn’t considered to be cheating. However, women are not innocent when it comes to having affairs, and have also engaged in them without telling their partners. Now that online dating is just a cell phone away, a lot of women have been using dating apps to validate themselves online, especially when they don’t feel appreciated by their partners.

Is Flirting Cheating?

When it comes to flirting, there are many different takes on whether or not it should be considered as cheating. In the end, it all depends on what kind of relationship you and your partner have. Some men and women are simply flirty by nature and do not mind if their partners chat people up from time to time, while others see flirting as completely unnecessary. When it comes to flirting, you really can’t say that women and men have consider it cheating because it is a matter of preference. Some men would become livid with jealousy if they saw their wife flirting with another man, while some wouldn’t bat an eyelash, and the same could be said about women.

Is Watching Live Cams Cheating?

When it comes to watching porn and watching live cams, more often than not it is men who partake in these vices. Sure, there are some women who put on live shows and watch porn on the daily, but these women aren’t usually in serious relationships. Although some women would believe that watching porn is cheating, others would just put it off as something that men do. Still, some women would be offended because they felt like their partners would rather watch slutty woman have sex than actually have sex with them. When it comes to live cams, I think that most women would agree this to be cheating. Especially since it is usually a live, paid service where men can become infatuated with the same live cam performer. Signing up to live cam sites and sending money to an unknown stripper is definitely questionable, and there’s a reason why most men keep it a secret from their wives.

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