4 pieces of advice from women on dating that will get you more dates

women datingDating Advice From Women

Listen to women – they know what they’re talking about

If there’s one group of people who know everything there is to know about women, it’s women themselves. Luckily, some women have offered us a few insights into the mysterious ways of their own gender. When women give advice to men on dating, men should listen, because they are essentially being given keys to the kingdom. Advice from women to men tends to be a lot more intricate than the advice men get from other men. Of course, it’s important to establish a plan and a mindset based on advice from both genders, but the fact is that men can get advice from their male buddies whenever they meet up with them, whereas the best dating advice from women tends to stand out because it is rarely offered in Rotorua, NZ. Essentially, you’d be doing yourself a favor to perk your ears up and listen whenever women offer some dating wisdom. If you haven’t heard any of these pieces of advice lately, here are a few tidbits to go by.

Spark her curiosity

All women, almost without exception, want you to spark her curiosity when you’re flirting with her. Of course, this can be easier said than done, and no man is a mind reader, so no one really knows what a woman wants to hear in order to have her curiosity fully sparked. However, what it comes down to is being an attentive, active conversationalist. Listen to what she’s saying, offer her some of your own personal input, and ask another question once that part of the conversation dies down. Throughout it all, be entirely yourself and let your personality shine through.

Stand out from the crowd

The importance of standing out from the crowd cannot be understated when it comes to flirting with and courting women. In the online dating world, this is even more important, because there are so many sloths out there who just want sex with the least amount of effort possible. Of course, this makes it much easier for you to stand out. If you simply approach a woman online as a human being curious to learn a bit about another person, then your chances of someday meeting up with this woman in person skyrocket. Simply be a pleasant, amicable adult around her and you’ll stand out from the online dating crowd.

Believe in yourself

Women want a man with confidence, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have confidence in yourself when approaching women. Despite all your faults, you are a unique human being with infinite potential of adding something meaningful to the world. Do your best with what you have, and be confident in what you can offer women. Of course, because this is online dating, even the slightest drop in confidence won’t exactly be apparent when you’re chatting with women on the internet. Use this to your advantage, and go into online dating engagements full throttle.

Have fun

At the end of the day, dating is all about having fun. While it’s important to keep a few fundamental notions in mind (which we’ve highlighted above), you shouldn’t overthink things. Just be yourself, be a mature adult, and have fun meeting new people online. If you play your cards right, those online meetings will likely be converted to in-person meetings, and who knows where things can go from there!

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